Single tier cakes

Single tier cakes are elegant and beautiful statement pieces for your celebration.

6” Cakes

The 6″ cake is our most popular size for celebrations. Our tall 6″ serves between 20 to 40 portions while the standard height serves around 15 to 18 portions.

Standard stars from $200 and tall from $250

7” Cakes

The 7″ cake Is perfect for birthdays and slightly bigger gatherings serving from 30 to 50 portions.

Starting from $280

8” Cakes

An 8″ is ideal for larger celebrations with a big gathering. Our standard serves about 30 to 32 portions and our tall 8″ serves 60 slices.
Standard heigths price from $280 and tall style from $380.

Tiered Cakes

Two Tier Cake

Serves between 30 to 90

Starts at $380

5 Different sizes to choose from.

Three Tier Cake

Serves between 50 to 200

Starts at $600

4 customisable sizes to choose from.

Four Tier Cake

Serves between 80 to 250

Starts at $900

2 customisable sizes to choose from. Thank

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