How do I place an order?

To commision a cake you can submit an order form from our contact page, making sure you provide us with all the details like occasion, date of event, size or amount of portions needed.
Alternatively, you can send us an email at andreacakeatelier@gmail.com

How much notice do you need to place an order?

We generally recommend at least 3 to 4 weeks notice. For weddings it’s never too early to book your cake! But at least 3 months notice is what we would recommend to make sure you save your spot on the date.

Cake Size & Portioning

Our cake sizing guide is based on the amount of portions the cake will serve. Our slices are standard party size 2″x1″ and wedding size 1″x1″.

Do you accept deposits for orders?

A deposit is only payable for wedding bookings. All other cake orders need to be paid in full for booking confirmation.

Pick up & Delivery

We offer free delivery within 10 kms of Cockburn area (fees apply if set up is required). Deliveries further than 10 kms will incur in a delivery fee starting from $25 depending on distance.
For weddings our quotes will include delivery and set up.

Cake consultations

We offer weding cake consultations. These are by appointment and consist of a one-on-one meeting with me to discuss all the cake related matters like design, style, flavour, size and portioning.
We also offer tasting boxes (6 flavours) for cake consultations and for anyone who loves cake!

How should I store my cake?

Our cakes can be stored up to 5 days in the fridge depending on design. However I recommend consuming it within the first 3 days to ensure best quality when eating it.
Bring cake to room temperature 1 hour before cutting it and avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

Can you copy or replicate other cakes?

If you have a specific cake idea, you are more than welcome to bring in photos for inspiration and I am happy to discuss throughout the design process to make sure we meet and hopefully surpass your expectations. But we do not replicate other bakers designs.


Additional details like natural flowers and acrylic cake toppers are outsourced to local Perth businesses but it’s still adviced to confirm your order as soon as possible to make sure extras arrive on time and final price will still depend on amount and type of flowers or design of acrylic topper.
Sugar figurines are all handmade, individually designed creations, so quotes will vary according to style, size and complexity of the figurine design.

Can you accommodate for special diets?

Short answer is we do. We can accommodate most dietary requirements like vegan, gluten friendly, dairy friendly and nut friendly (meaning they do not contain these allergens in any of the ingredients used).
Please note we do not offer allergen free options due to shared equipment in our kitchen, which has regular contact with dairy, gluten and nuts.
Special diet cakes will incur in a surcharge for ingredients addition or replacement and recipe changes required to accommodate them.

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